Friday, August 6, 2010

Bi Colour Warp on a Pointed Threading

I have mentioned earlier that I attend weaving classes at the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW. Out tutor is Liz Calnan.

Last term we built on some work we had done previously on Summer & Winter and moved onto Taquete, Double two tie Summer & winter, other DoubleTwo Tied Unit weaves and Stitched Double Weave and then Turned Taquete. I did some samplers of some of this ( see Stitched Double Weave and Back to the Tent Stitch) but I put it all to one side when I started on the Big Block Blue Blanket.

Classes started again last week and after a nice catch up (Liz had been to Convergence) we studied Interleaved Threadings. What was of particular interest was the insight that we were given into the number of different things that one can weave with an interleaved threading.

Armed with my class notes and handouts, several reference books and magazines and my weaving software (pixeLoom) I have been combining what I have learnt in the classes with things that I have read and thought about in the past and only partially understood. I have ended up with a set of drafts that fit onto a 22s pointed bi-colour threading (I started with 24S as that is what I have but gave up two shafts for plain weave selvedges.) I think that there is sufficient here to keep me going for years!

This is what I ended up with;

Stitched Double Weave

The same design as my previous sampler - I can vary the shape and positioning of the stitchers as I did in my sample.

Turned Taquete

With a dobby loom the vertical design need never repeat itself. This is one of the many variations that I have considered.

Echo Weave

The number of possible permutations is silly! For this design I started with an 11 shaft twill on a straight threading and treadling. I used my weaving software to "echo" the threading and then straighten it to 24s. I changed the treadling to an advancing twill and viola!

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