Monday, July 25, 2011

Deflected Double Weave

I was looking at some 18/2 Merino sitting on my shelf  and thought that it might be a good idea to do some Deflected Doubleweave. So I re-read the article "Deflected Doubleweave: beyond the basics" by  Madelyn van der Hoogt. I tried various profiles as suggested and then played with my weaving software (Pixeloom) to see if I could automate the creation of the full threading. I ended up with this method;

1. Draw a twill threading with alternate colors in the warp. This example is very simple just to illustrate the method.

2. Expand the threading by 2.

3 Use Block Substitution selecting"overshot".

4 Change number of treadles to 8.

4 Change the tie up to a deflected double weave tie up. I have started keeping all my tie-ups, threadings, treadlings and colour schemes  in a Library folder and then using the Import function to bring them into whichever draft I am working on.

5. Use "Tromp as Writ" function to redraw the treadling

6. Use "Use warp colours" function to make weft colours the same as the warp

I did this exercise starting with a various 10 shaft twills so I ended up with  several 20 shaft deflected double weave drafts. I came across a draft for 16 shaft deflected double weave in the Files section of WeaveTech  (DeflectedDoubleWeave.WIF  posted by R S Blau) which helped me understand the tie up variations that are possible. It was this draft that lead me to the "Ultimate" threading that I have referred to in previous blogs


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ultimate Threading 3

..and Turned Taquete and Echo

Ultimate Threading 2

In addition to my previous post the threading also supports Monks Belt and Shadow Weave

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ultimate Threading

As always it will have been done before, but I have worked out that the threading in pictured below will enable me to weave loads of things without having to re thread for some considerable time

It is an overshot threading with 10 independent blocks on 20 shafts with 4 shafts reserved for the selvedge. The pictures below show what I believe I can weave on this  threading;

Twill - ADI
Twill -advancing point
Twill - curve

Deflected  Doubleweave
I am sure that there is more than this but what I have here will keep me busy for months.

Friday, July 8, 2011

4 Colour Double Weave - first attempt

This blog has been left un updated for a long time – not good.

The two Brighton Honeycomb scarves that I wove on the Glimakra are now off the loom and in constant use. The use of a double weft thread for one of them was very effective.  I have put on an alpaca warp that is sitting on the back beam waiting to be threaded. This won’t happen until I have installed the Toika EW24W Control Unit that is on order for an August delivery. I combined the order with a friend who wanted  a controller plus a loom from Toika in an attempt to reduce the freight costs. It is a long way from Finland to Australia.

The warp from hell ( see post xxxx) has been woven as 4CDW. It was tentatively going to be a shawl but the cloth is too heavy and the pattern is too variable for it be anything but cushion covers or bags of various sorts. I was plagued with a sticky warp to start off with but once I got the weaving going I couldn’t stop. I will post some photos when I get home tonight.