Friday, July 8, 2011

4 Colour Double Weave - first attempt

This blog has been left un updated for a long time – not good.

The two Brighton Honeycomb scarves that I wove on the Glimakra are now off the loom and in constant use. The use of a double weft thread for one of them was very effective.  I have put on an alpaca warp that is sitting on the back beam waiting to be threaded. This won’t happen until I have installed the Toika EW24W Control Unit that is on order for an August delivery. I combined the order with a friend who wanted  a controller plus a loom from Toika in an attempt to reduce the freight costs. It is a long way from Finland to Australia.

The warp from hell ( see post xxxx) has been woven as 4CDW. It was tentatively going to be a shawl but the cloth is too heavy and the pattern is too variable for it be anything but cushion covers or bags of various sorts. I was plagued with a sticky warp to start off with but once I got the weaving going I couldn’t stop. I will post some photos when I get home tonight.

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