Sunday, March 28, 2010

Waffle Weave

Gosh, I didn't realise that I had not done an update for such a long time! More resolve!

A couple of weeks ago we studied waffle weave at our weaving class ( I have enough warp on my loom, threaded straight 8 at a twill sett, for one more scarf so I am going to try waffle weave. The waffle weave four shaft pointed drafts included in our class notes translate nicely into straight 8 threading and I selected the one below  because shafts 2 and 3 weave plain weave which means that I don’t need a floating selvedge.
On the left is the original draft and on the right is the 8 shaft derivation

Setting up the loom was easy – all I had to do was rethread the last two threads on each side into shafts 8 and 9, reweight the selvedges and then get under the loom to change the tie up. There are 5 treadles, odd numbers on my left foot, even ones on the right. Whilst I was under the loom I put in more texsolve cords with arrowherad clips to replace the knotted nylon tie up cords that came with the loom.

I am using a red weft so I have named the colour scheme Poppy.

The frustrating thing is that I got all of this preparatoty work done by yesterday afternoon ready for some serious weaving on Saturday night and Sunday morning but I have had to be at work because of some major problems that need to be attended to. I hate computers!