Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rusty Reed

The best laid plans and all that but I finally found some time to wind the warp for the differential  shrinkage scarf, beam it and thread it. Apart from domestic distractions it took a bit of time because I managed to twist one of the warp chains and it took a lot of realignment. My only concern is that I don't know how I did it so I shall probably do it again.

Memo to self; check reeds before starting a project. I was ready to sley but found that my 12 dent reed wasn't wide enough. I found another 12 dent reed stashed away but it was in a bit of a state. So I assembled some wire brushes, emery paper and rust cleaner and set to with a will. The reed needed two applications of rust cleaner and a lot of rubbing and brushing; the results are remarkably good as the before and after pictures below show!

The rust removal product I used is called Dr Fixit. It comes from India and is formulated for the treatment of corroded steel (rebars is the technical term as I learnt from the tin) in reinforced concrete. I should write to the manufacturer to let them know that it is pretty good on reeds as well.