Monday, June 5, 2017

Rotary Temple fitted to AVL Workshop Dobby Loom

I bought a Rotary Temple from Fireside Looms some years ago and fitted it to a Leclerc Artisat. I subsequently sold the loom and the temple has been carefully packed away for about ten years.

I have an AVL WDL which I haven't used for about 6 years - I recently took it out of its packaging, gave it a good clean and got it ready to weave again. So that I could move it about I built a wooden dolly which the loom sits on very nicely.

Once the loom was on the dolly it occurred to me that the dolly might make a firm base for a framework to hold the rotary temple.  I  adopted a "suck it and see" approach to the design, clamping various bits of wood into place until I something that would hold the mounting brackets in the correct position. I screwed and glued it all together, put on the brackets and track and it works. I am still using clips to secure the framework in place until I think of something slightly more elegant.

Initial mockup with uprights clamped to the loom frame and sitting on the dolly

A slightly diferent set up

Bracket clamped in place

The arrangement had to be different on each side to allow for the ratchet handle

Final design - uprights on the left
Uprights on the right

Upright, bracket, track and temple
In use

Ms & Os

Ms & Os Sample

These samples were based on a draft for a turned Ms & Os scarf using 10/2 cotton and 8/2 Rayon. I used 11.8/2 nm wool and a plain weave sett of 14 epi. Next time;
  • Tighter sett
  • Wider plain weave panel adjacent to the selvedges and tension separately
  • Carefull thought about the colours
  • Long twisted fringes
  • Photoshop how this structure would look as a shawl

Weave structure
Turned Ms & Os
16" Ashford 8 Shaft table loom; 12 dent reed; Leclerc boat shuttle
Warp & weft: Bendigo 2 ply (11.8/2 nm)
Yarn Sources
Bendigo Woollen Mills PTY Ltd.
4 Lansell St, East Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

78 ends, 2 yards long
Warp:14 epi, Weft: 14 ppi
Tension & Selvedge
Double dent last two threads on each side
Handwoven  Nov Dec 2004, Turned Ms and Os Scarf, Emile Pritchard
Wash in hand warm water, dry flat, hot iron whilst slightly damp.
Sample 1
Length  off loom 15"
Length after finishing 14"
Sample 2
Length  off loom 24"
Length after finishing 22 1/2 "
Width on loom 5 1/4 "
Width off loom 5"

Width after finishing 4 7/8 "