Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Blue Block Blanket

All the planning is done, the wool is ordered and delivered, the heddles are counted and I even have a couple of five foot long lease sticks so there is nothing to stop me starting to beam the warp. This is the pattern that I should end up with:-

This is my plan.  The yarn is Bendigo 2 ply. The usual twill set for this is 18epi but I am making it a bit tighter for a blanket. There is just one weft colour, Bendigo Raffia. The tie-up is for broken twill which will be a bit more forgiving if there is any unevenness of beat.

I am putting on a 9 yard warp which will be enough for two blankets. I am still working on the design for the second blanket; I am planning to be a bit more adventurous and use more than one colour in the weft.

I have a busy work week until the weekend, so perhaps on Saturday I can get started.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to the Tent Stitch

The sample did not work as I planned as I put on a ridiculously short warp so I was only able to do about two inches of the double weave that I wanted to sample but I did manage about eight inches of double two. I have rolled it up and put it away for consideration some time in the future.

My next project will be a blanket (twill blocks) using the flying shuttle on my Nilart. Whilst I have been planning this  I have resurrected a piece of needlepoint that I haven't touched for nearly three year, in fact since I took up weaving. It took me a while to remember the basic tent stitch, but I am up and running now, and will get this finished before I start on the blanket.