Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Blue Block Blanket

All the planning is done, the wool is ordered and delivered, the heddles are counted and I even have a couple of five foot long lease sticks so there is nothing to stop me starting to beam the warp. This is the pattern that I should end up with:-

This is my plan.  The yarn is Bendigo 2 ply. The usual twill set for this is 18epi but I am making it a bit tighter for a blanket. There is just one weft colour, Bendigo Raffia. The tie-up is for broken twill which will be a bit more forgiving if there is any unevenness of beat.

I am putting on a 9 yard warp which will be enough for two blankets. I am still working on the design for the second blanket; I am planning to be a bit more adventurous and use more than one colour in the weft.

I have a busy work week until the weekend, so perhaps on Saturday I can get started.....


  1. Hello I have been enjoying your blog very much and I have recently purchased an old Ashford Jack Loom . I have made my first project on it and am eager to move on to the next. Your the only blog that gratefully has setts for our Bendigo wool 2 ply classic. I am wanting to weave a blanket on my jack and have purchased from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I rang them to find out the sett for plain weave and she couldn't help me. I have read on your blog the twill sett is good at 18 epi but would you be able to help me out with the tabby please if you wouldn't mind. I have a 12 dent reed. I have 8 shafts 10 treadles. I also bought 3 ply as well, i don't know if you have used that at all but would really appreciate any help. Please keep your blog posts coming as they are so informative for us new weavers .

  2. Bendigo 2 ply wraps at 28 wraps per inch (WPI) so the set for plain weave is half of that, 14 epi. With a twelve dent reed I would go for 15 epi (1-1-1-2) which will probably be better or a blanket. I often do twill at 20epi and it works out very nicely. Have you woven with this yarn before? I like your blog.

  3. Hello Martin, Thankyou so much for the information and help. No I have never woven with it before but love giving everything a go once or twice. Thanks for looking at my blog, I didn't think anyone was reading it. I just worry that one day if I don't document things that I will forget.


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