Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ultimate Threading

As always it will have been done before, but I have worked out that the threading in pictured below will enable me to weave loads of things without having to re thread for some considerable time

It is an overshot threading with 10 independent blocks on 20 shafts with 4 shafts reserved for the selvedge. The pictures below show what I believe I can weave on this  threading;

Twill - ADI
Twill -advancing point
Twill - curve

Deflected  Doubleweave
I am sure that there is more than this but what I have here will keep me busy for months.


  1. Thank you for this! I am utterly inspired! But why reserve 4 shafts for the selvedge instead of just 2? Happy weaving! Kate

    1. Kathryn,
      Firstly my apologies for he tardiness of my reply - I have been away from all weaving related matters for a little while. You are correct only two shafts are needed and that will give you a plain weave selvedge. However with 4 shafts reserved then one can weave a basket weave selvedge which seem to sit better with twill weaves. My blog post here has a couple of examples;

      Best regards,



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