Monday, July 25, 2011

Deflected Double Weave

I was looking at some 18/2 Merino sitting on my shelf  and thought that it might be a good idea to do some Deflected Doubleweave. So I re-read the article "Deflected Doubleweave: beyond the basics" by  Madelyn van der Hoogt. I tried various profiles as suggested and then played with my weaving software (Pixeloom) to see if I could automate the creation of the full threading. I ended up with this method;

1. Draw a twill threading with alternate colors in the warp. This example is very simple just to illustrate the method.

2. Expand the threading by 2.

3 Use Block Substitution selecting"overshot".

4 Change number of treadles to 8.

4 Change the tie up to a deflected double weave tie up. I have started keeping all my tie-ups, threadings, treadlings and colour schemes  in a Library folder and then using the Import function to bring them into whichever draft I am working on.

5. Use "Tromp as Writ" function to redraw the treadling

6. Use "Use warp colours" function to make weft colours the same as the warp

I did this exercise starting with a various 10 shaft twills so I ended up with  several 20 shaft deflected double weave drafts. I came across a draft for 16 shaft deflected double weave in the Files section of WeaveTech  (DeflectedDoubleWeave.WIF  posted by R S Blau) which helped me understand the tie up variations that are possible. It was this draft that lead me to the "Ultimate" threading that I have referred to in previous blogs



  1. I'm curious, where did you find the article? I looked on the internet and couldn't find it...
    Great post - thank you!

    1. Try here




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