Sunday, August 15, 2010

Threading position

I am finding the threading on the AVL much trickier than on the Nilart.

Try as I may I cannot get myself into position where I can see the lease sticks and heddle being threaded all at the same time, unless I m sitting so low that I can't operate the treadles. I need to use these so I can lift the shaft that is to be threaded. This means that there is a bit of craning and squinting, particularly when putting the thread on the hook. I messed around with mirrors and I even tried using a web cam mounted behind the loom but to no avail. However it was  OK as long as I g0t up and stretched every five minutes or so.

I have just read  what Laura Fry has to say on the matter (Threading Motion) and I see that the threads that are next to be threaded are taped to the bottom of the back shafts. The answer for me must be either to follow this method using Velcro to preserve the cross or to substantially lower the lease sticks. I shall experiment tomorrow!

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