Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still threading

I am now halfway through threading the warp for the Big Block Blue Blanket. I think that the seond half is going to progress much faster beause of two changes I have made.

My life (ie Weaving)/ work balance was all wrong. I had got into the habit of getting to work just after 7:30AM with the idea of getting away smartish to do some weaving in the early evening. I didn't work as I frequently didn't get away on time and was often too tired to do any weaving when I got home. I now get up at the same time and get in at least of hour of weaving before I leave for work. Now it doesn't matter what time I leave work in the evening or how tired I might be as I have already done some weaving work.

The other things I have done is change the way I hold the threads in place just before threading them. Rather than having them held in place by a snitch knot to a piece of cord attached to the breast beam I now spread them out in a small open topped reed (from my warping wheel) and hold them in place with a strip of velro. Having the threads in order right in front of the heddles means that I am not straining to pick up the correct thread from the cross on the lease sticks which is behind the heddles. I am sure that this is being done by loads of other people but I am quite pleased with myself for stumbling upon it. My shoulders and neck are thanking me for it.
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