Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keeping the cross safe

Over the weekend I took the dust sheet of my AVL Workshop Dobby Loom and did the upgrade to the ratchets and pawls on the cloth and breast beam. The original ones were plastic and just not up to the job of maintaining any decent sort of tension. I must have bought my loom just before they corrected this design flaw, so I had to buy an upgrade kit. The templates that came with the upgrade kit were as not as accurate as they might have been, or I am cack handed, as I had to re-drill one of the holes for the pawl. All done now but one has to ask what sort of testing they did with the original design.

I have put on a 21" wide warp for a stitched double weave shawl. I use an AVL warping wheel with a cross maker attachment (didn't come as standard; should it have done?). In the past I have tied the crosses before winding the warp on to the beam. This time I tried using a stationery ring to secure the cross and it worked a treat. When the warp was safely on the beam it was a simple matter to replace the ring with the lease cords, which were tucked up between to rakes when I was doing the actual winding.
Ring on the cross
In position on the beam
Warp being wound on

Lease cords threaded
Ring removed

Lease cords secured to a couple of rakes

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