Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twill Scarf

 In addition to the work that I have been doing this weekend on poppy waffle (see previous post)  I have also finished off a scarf that had been on the loom before I started with waffle. This was on the same warp (straight 8) but using brown alpaca as the weft. I bought this yarn 9 months ago from John Arbon Textiles( when I was across in the UK for my son's wedding, so it was about time that I used some. Mind you, I haven't touched the yarn I bought the year before that when I went over for my other son's wedding.

 The pattern is the first one in "A Weavers Book Of 8 Shaft Patterns" (ed. Carol Strickland) and it was a nice "comfort weaving" exercise. I have used the draft before on another twill scarf but this one went much better.

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