Sunday, April 18, 2010

No warp on the loom

Now that the poppy waffle scarf is off I have come to the end of the 15 yard warp that I put on to my Nilart loom last August. I am at a bit of a loss as it had almost become a permanent fixture. Putting on the warp was interesting as it was the first time that I had done such a long warp. It nearly got away from me a couple of times  but it all came good in the end.

 I wove two Brighton Honeycomb scarves before we went on holiday in mid October, a twill scarf in November and then the loom sat idle for two months whilst I moved on to some other projects.This year I have woven a twill scarf using an alpaca yarn for the weft and last of all came the waffle weave scarf.

I shall give the loom a good clean and polish and check all the screws and bolts, then it can have a rest whilst I get back to a stitched double weave sampler that I have half beamed onto a table loom.

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