Friday, July 22, 2016

Supplementary Warp - threading and sleying

Threading and Sleying

I have been tag threading - do 12 ends then get up and do 5 minutes housework before returning to thread another 12 ends and then back to the domestic stuff and so on.

From what I have read there are two ways of threading the two warps;

  1. Thread the ground warp first leaving empty heddles for the pattern warp, then thread the pattern warp 
  2. Do both warps at once

The first method seemed to me to be fraught with danger so I just started with the first thread and went from right to left across the complete threading. It was all very straight forward; I was however very careful and constantly checked my work.

View of both warps on their lease sticks

Penciled on shaft numbers

In action; the keys to happiness are height and light


The all important Threading/Sleying plan

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