Thursday, July 21, 2016

Supplementary Warp - putting on the pattern warp

Putting on the Pattern Warp

Putting on the pattern warp had a few complexities and at times I wished I had smaller hands but all went well. Once the second warp beam and back beam are in place there is not much room.

After putting the warp onto the sectional warp beam I put little weights onto each bout to keep them tight and under control when I unwind in preparation for putting in the lease sticks. There are more EPI in the centre sections hence the disparity in length; 6" over 7 yards which will have to be watched later on for tension problems.

The bouts are hanging down the back of the loom. The sectional warp beam is at the top of the picture and the weights are out of sight at the bottom. The green wool is securing the crosses which have to be moved so that they are all level

The lease sticks are in position and held in place by string loops around the beam.

I put a couple of clamps onto the beam and maneuvered the lease sticks under the beam and onto the clamps

This is a side view. Both warps can be seen passing over or under there respective back beams and extending towards the front of the loom

The lease sticks for  the ground warp are suspended on the fluorescent laces, the pattern warp lease sticks  are held in place by a couple of cords running from the front of the loom to one of the back beams.

This is another view, from the back of the loom, of the two warps in place ready for threading.

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