Sunday, July 10, 2016

Supplementary Warp - planning and winding the ground warp

Planning and winding the ground warp

I have previously woven an Overshot Sampler using 16/2 Cotton. It worked quite well so I am using this yarn again for the ground weave of the Supplementary Warp Scarf that I have started work on - a summer fashion statement!

For the pattern warps I shall be using some 10/2 Perle Cotton that has been sitting in my stash since I bought in Pennsylvania nine years ago. I am hoping to get a good contrast between the mercerized and un-mercerized cottons.

For the draft I have used elements from the Juanita Giradin scarf that I had analysed ( see previous post) but with enough changes to transition it from pure plagiarism to a thematic variation. The picture above is a graphic representation (from WeavePoint) of what I am aiming for.

Normally the information needed to wind the warp can be taken from the threading plan but I

Part of the threading

needed to separate out the information for the ground warps (shafts 1 to 4) from the pattern warps  (5 to 10). I did this by importing the [WARP COLORS] section from the .wif file into MS Excel and doing a bit of manipulation to get a  "Winding Plans" for both the pattern and the ground warps.

Ground Warp Winding Plan
I am in the habit of taking a photo of the warping board or reel with the guide string in place. This averted a disaster once when I removed the guide string with the first warp chain before I had wound the second. In this instance my wife has made an unscripted appearance.

Warping reel with Guide String

The bottom warp is now in place ready for threading. The next task is getting the top pattern warp onto the loom.
Ground Warp ready for threading


  1. Daryl Lancaster does some interesting things with supplemental warps - you can see a picture of her draft here: - a very similar approach to yours. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. Thanks for the link. The more ideas I can get the better!


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