Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weaving Hat back on again

Well, I sort of hung up my weaving hat over the last four months, but not completely.

I had too many projects on the go and was dithering between them and not getting anything finished.

I put it most of it to one side for a while and did some different things and caught up with the jobs around the house and garden that had been accumulating.  I have built up a considerable supply of brownie points and have been easing myself back into weaving.

I have done a lot of needle point, woven off the last three scarves that were on the colourful warp that I have posted about earlier. I have also done fair bit of planning for some future projects.

I am currently putting a warp onto an elderly counterbalance loom which I bought some time ago but have just cleaned  up and reassembled. This type of loom is completely new to me so it is all very interesting and great fun. I shall post some photos tomorrow.


  1. So many neat things to work on! I haven't woven on a counterbalance loom, but I love restoring old looms, so I understand the fun that you're talking about.

    1. Nearly finished the restoration now; I am lucky in that the loom is in good condition so apart from a few cords I didn't have to replace anything.


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