Sunday, August 11, 2013

Counterbalance Loom

I bought this loom in March. It  has been sitting in a shed that I am just starting to repair to convert into a studio. The time has come to give my wife back her dining room.

So the CB loom had to be moved and the safest way to look after a loom and keep it safe is to have it assembled and working. By moving some stuff around an repositioning my Glimakra Standard I have made enough room for the CB loom with sufficient space to use both looms.

I wrote to the Yahoo group WeaveTech to get advice on how to clean the loom and several people gave me excellent advice; I have bought and tried every recommended product and mixture. The framework I cleaned with equal parts of mineral turps, boiled Linseed oil and vinegar. The cross beams got special treatment with natural turps and Tung oil. I also did some garden furniture for good measure. I put Carnuba wax on the moving parts. Fantastic smells!Reassembly was straightforward. The CB rollers were in a hopeless muddle with cords tangled and heddles half off the shafts. There was sufficient information on the web to enable me to sort it all out.

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  1. This looks very like a loom I once had. I think it needed more tlc than I gave it, it was quite a struggle to use and get properly balanced. Are you managing to use yours ok?


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