Friday, April 5, 2013

Four scarves finished

Having completed four scarves I decide to take them off the loom and finish them. This leaves enough warb for three more scarves. I wove a  two stick heading (thank you Peggy Osterkamp) and sampled a bit of novelty yarn with glitter whilst doing it. It is probably a bit belt and braces but I put some craft glue on the heading to make sure that nothing slips.

I did a lot of the fringe twizzling whilst we were away camping at a place called Knorrit's Flat

The pictures below show the end results. The colder weather should be with us soon so we will be able to wear them; having said that they were originally destined to be gifts.


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  2. Wow, they are so beautiful! Were they all woven with Bendigo Woollen Mills 2 ply?

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, all bendigo 2 ply.I have quite a lot most of which I bought five years ago shortly before they reduced their colour range which was a great pity.

  3. What lovely work you do.
    I got over here googling AVL sectional beam........what a delight.


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