Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cotton Scarf with a Supplementary Warp

All done!

If you are interested in some technical details please read on.

Cotton Brocade Scarf
Weave structure
Plain weave with supplementary warps
47" Glimakra Standard with two back beams; Toika EW24 Control Unit; 12 dent reed; 1 shuttle (AVL End Feed)
Ground Warp: 16/2 Cotton (Bomulsgarn), Dark Brown, Tan & White Supplementary Warp:  10/2 Perle Cotton, Indies Orange, Cactus, Persian Green, Red Hot
Weft:   16/2 Cotton (Bomulsgarn), Dark Brown (Scarf #1), Chocolate Brown (Scarf #2)
Yarn Sources
The Mannings, 1132 Green Ridge Road, P.O. Box 687 East Berlin, PA 17316 U.S.A.
Petlins Petlins Spinning and Weaving Supplies, 17 Cavell Ave Rhodes, NSW 2138, Australia
Warp and weft spacing
Warp:24 epi, Weft" 24 ppi
Tension & Selvedge
Pattern Warp: Live weight tension on back beam. 3 black weights + wooden bar
Ground Warp: Tension cord over beam - bar weight
Additional thread at each selvedge (sharing heddle and dent with selvedge thread); each one weighted seperatly on a selvedge roller (5oz)
Handwoven  Nov Dec 1988
BRC_PLW 4S_PTN 6S_ML Mods & Colours #1c
BRC_PLW 4S_PTN 6S_ML Mods & Colours #1d
Wash in hand warm water, dry flat, hot iron whilst slightly damp.
Scarf # 1
Length  off loom 72"
Fringe 8" each end
Length after finishing 69"
Width on loom 11"
Width off loom 10"

Width after finishing 9 3/4 "

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  1. Yay. Finished. It's beautiful.
    Anne, Wondering/Wandering Weaver.


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