Monday, September 5, 2016

Brocade Scarf

I am not sure if Brocade and Supplementary Warp are synonymous but I am going to call my next project "Brocade Scarf" as I am intending to achieve a subtle ribbon effect. We shall see.

The picture to the left shows the pattern; the colours are overstated. Some of the colours that I am using are quite close but I need a clear distinction in my weaving software so that I don't mess up the warp winding or threading.

The actual yarns, 28/2 Alpaca Silk for the ground and 18/2 Wool Silk for the pattern warp (I hope that the sheds clear!), are shown below.

When I was putting the ground warp onto the bottom beam I discovered that the sectional warp beam above it (where I shall be putting the pattern warp) serves very nicely as an additional raddle.

I am putting on a 4 yard warp for one scarf: a sizable sample and some left over for tying on the next warp which a has got to be the way to go. In the past I have tied on behind the shafts but with two warp beams in position I shall have to do it in front of the shafts. 


  1. can i ask what epi are each layer? beautiful scarf.

    1. I shall sley the ground warp at 24 epi and the pattern warp the same. I have used the 18/2 Wool Silk at this sett for an overshot sampler that I did using 2/16 cotton as the ground so it should be OK. I have a slight concern that I am using two slightly sticky yarns but we shall see!

  2. Wow! Another amazing piece Martin.
    Anne (WW)


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