Friday, August 5, 2016

Supplementary Warp - Weaving Progress

Well, I am up and running and the weaving progresses. It took a little while to get the tensions of the various warp elements correct but I think that I have it now. The last piece I wove was 10 ppi; this one is 24 (well 22.5 actually, but hey) so I am not going to rattle it off in a day.

This is a view of the cloth beam; note the generous use of sticks. At the moment they are covering up the tie-on knots but they will continue to prevent uneven tension because of the different thicknesses of the weaving.


  1. Martin this is gorgeous! Please bring to Camden Head in October. And maybe you can talk more about the rollers you designed and your brother made. It's gone way over my head! Anne

  2. Whoops! I have totally missed the cloth beam.


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