Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pipped at the post!

I started and finished a scarf today which is a first. Using an office chair rather than a stool made a difference and I think that the fishing line in the selvedge may have enabled to throw my shuttle with a little more gusto than usual. It was all looking pretty good as the top two photographs show.

Unfortunately I got over excited as the finishing line drew near and didn't notice that the selvedge threads on the left were inexorably tightening - the results can be seen in the bottom two photographs. No great disaster as I can easily re-weave these last few inches. The cause of the tightening was two of the selvedge threads becoming "pilled" together and catching on the lease sticks. A silly mistake because I am supposed to check for exactly this sort of thing when I put in a new pirn.


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  2. Hi Martin, I have just stumbled across your blog- impressive. I had no idea the extent to which you are designing and weaving. It's wonderful and I would love to see it all in person.I also love the picture of you and your garden. I too have morphed into a gardener and knitting is my craft, who'd have thunk it!
    Caro xxxx


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