Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep it tidy

In my last few posts I have written about the fun that I have been having weaving a series of scarves with occasional diversions into technical stuff. I have also been doing a bit of planning for my next project (double weave lace).

Somehow during all this activity I managed to completely wreck my weaving area so there has been no weaving today and a big tidy up. My wife was less than complimentary about the difference I had made but I think that it is all a bit tidier. The top two pictures are "before", the bottom two are "after".

Considering the size of our house I am very fortunate in the amount of space that I have for my looms, equipment and supplies. I just put it down to a lack of charity on my part that I find the picture on the front cover of this excellent book intensely irritating.


  1. I agree - my studio looks a lot more like yours than the cover! :^)

  2. Haaha, that book cover looks a bit sterile to me - not exactly conducive to the creative process ;)


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