Friday, July 31, 2015

Differential Shrinkage Scarf

 The scarf that I started back in May has been off the loom for some time and has been sitting on the spare room bed "relaxing". I got round to twizzling and washing one of them ( I wove two) last week and all went well. Quite a lot of shrinkage- it went down from 96" off the loom to 60" after the treatment. Very exciting!


  1. Did you have problems with the Merino in the warp threads sticking to each other when you changed sheds? I REALLY like the idea of doing scarves like this for the ladies of my family (working on Christmas presents for this year :))

  2. None at all. When weaving for differential shrinkage the setts are looser than normal to give the yarns room to move when the article is fulled. In this case the merino that I used would normally be set at 20 EPI for plain weave but here it was set at 15 EPI.


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