Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Differential Shrinkage Scarf

I put on the warp for this scarf a couple of weeks ago but I have been hit by the lurgy (flu/cold) so until today I had done nothing. Today I wove for three hours and the scarf is about half done.

The design is taken directly from Evening Sunset Scarf by Stefanie Meisel in Handwoven Sept/Oct 2004. I have changed one of the yarns (18/2 Merino replaced with 20/2) which should make little difference. This scarf will differ from the last one I did in that there are ruffles on the outer edge of the scarf.

The photo below doesn't do justice to the colours. The merino is a vibrant turquoise green and the non-shrinking tencel is two shades of copper. I will pay more attention to my lighting when I next take a picture.

This is the first time that I have used a "crocodile clip" temple and it is working very nicely. I have used a couple of sawn down  wood working clamps to to hold the cord between the clips and the weights. The trick is to make sure that the arrangement clears the beater and doesn't get in the way when throwing the shuttle 

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  1. Scarf is going to look great. Can you tell me where to get crocodile clips please. Bunnings maybe?


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