Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weaving Focus

One of the problems I have when I am weaving is that my mind tends to wander off so that I loose the focus on what I am trying to do. A similar thing happens to me when I am listening to music or trying to meditate.

I end up thinking about what we should be having for supper or how I am going to solve the problems of the world and before I know it a selvedge has pulled in, the beat has gone to the dogs and something horrible has happened to a thread at the back of the loom.

On my last project (Differential Shrinkage Scarf) where concentration on the technique was so important ( beating 10 ppi with a 20/2 weft needs nerves of steel) I wrote myself a little list and pinned it to the loom and read it out loud to myself as I wove.  I consider myself to be an occasional weaver so I probably don't have the fully developed muscle memory that is needed to get all the little complex movements just right. It is early days yet but I think that this little weaving chant and check list might help.

I would be interested to hear if other people have a "focus" problem and how they resolve it.


  1. I understand very well what you mean, having the same problem.
    Just now I´m weaving twill with only one colour in the weft and it´s hard to remind the floating selvedge when the thoughts are wandering.
    I often talk to myself or count out loudly the number of the treadle I have to put my foot on next.
    I wish you a Happy New Weaving-Year!

  2. It's so easy to start daydreaming while weaving. I tape a note to the high castle to remind myself. Best wishes on a creative 2014.


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