Friday, February 1, 2013

Warp & Weft faced Lampas - part 3

The Warp & Weft Faced Lampas is finished and off the loom. The cloth is much better for coming off the loom and being washed; it looked decidedly ropey when on the loom. I am happy with the result and would probably want to use this structure for furnishing fabric.

 I had great fun with the fabric at the bottom right where I used  discontinuous wefts which were interlocked under the warp floats. It took a bit of fiddling to get it right - you must be true to your shed!

A first for me was that I used a sewing machine to hem the samples. My wife gave me a quick tutorial and then I was off! Now that I have this knowledge the next time that I weave a sample I shall make it large enough to be turned into a bag or something else useful.

I also wove a "tapestry" on the same warp. Over Christmas I was separated from my looms so I did a small needlepoint to the same design.  I have an idea that I might be reusing these colours in some other work.

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