Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weaving on a Countermarch Loom

Last week I started weaving and it is all good.

My first threading is straight 8 with a Brighton Honeycomb tie up. I have woven this before so I know what to expect and can focus  on the touch sound and feel of the loom. The warp is two colours of Bendigo 2 ply (Pampas and Ginger) set at 18epi and for the weft I am using some nice 2/12nm chocolate (70% alpaca / 30% bluefaced leicester) yarn  that I bought in the UK a couple of years ago.

I did a bit of sampling first to get a colour combination that I liked and also to get used to the overhead beater. It was all over the shop to start of with but settled down after a while. I still have to squint down to check that I am getting the correct treadle but I am not having to adjust as much as I did when I started.

 The amount of effort that I have to expend  is minimal so I find that I am weaving for much longer at a stretch. The size of the loom suits me and I like the fact that I can see exactly what is going on. I get up every now and then, take a stroll round the loom, give it a pat and then it is back to the pilots chair and the loom and I sail  serenely on. A bit fanciful I know but the creak of the beam and the sounds of the treadles and the two capstan wheels on the side all  bring images of large sailing ships to mind.

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