Saturday, May 16, 2009

Herringbone Twill Scarf

This was my first twill scarf which I wove in November 2007. We had woven a twill sampler in class earlier in the year and I wanted to put what we had learnt into practise. Another driver was that I had just bought a load of 2 ply wool so there were lots of interesting colours to think about as well.

I put on a long warp, wove a multi coloured sampler and then wove this scarf. The idea of the broad stripes at the ends came from a Paul Smith scarf I had seen.

Herringbone Twill (Marguerite P. Davison, Page 26, Threading No. 8,
Warp & Weft, Bendigo 2 ply (2927 yds/lb)
Warp colour,, Pampas
Weft colours, Pampas, Guava & Celery
Sett 18epi
Width 10", 180 ends
Warp length 182""
PPI 16
Final width 8.5"
Final length (excl. fringes) 55"

I made a miscalculation on the warp length and ended up with only 55" of scarf ; I now use an adding machine paper roll attached to the cloth beam to determine how much is left to weave. I consider this as my "overcoat" scarf, to be tucked in neatly under the collar.

Considering the range of colours I had to choose from I think that I was a little timid in my selection. However, I enjoyed weaving it, made some good learning mistakes and have a scarf for occasional wear.

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